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People who are working in jobs they don’t necessarily enjoy often wonder what they can do right now, to start moving towards their dream job. Why not start a blog? We don’t live in a world (anymore) where in order to be heard by the masses you have to land a great writing, radio, or tv job or go through the grueling process of getting a manuscript published. We live in a world where anyone can get online, start a blog, and make an impact. The impact you potentially can have, can literally be life changing.

You can use a blog to help you change your career. Many people feel that if they aren’t considered some sort of expert at work that they don’t really have anything to blog about.

You don’t have to blog about anything you do at work! You can blog about dogs, cats, gardening, scrapbooking, cars, art, movies, sports… anything!  All you need to do is find what you love doing – the one thing that you really know a lot about- and start writing about it. If you love it, chances are there is a great niche out there of people who would love to read what you write.

If you want to build a personal brand for yourself and establish yourself as an expert in what you love, do not miss this free opportunity to do so.

This is your chance to break into a field you may never have worked in or to expand yourself, on your own, on what you are doing now.

Blogging can create a huge new network for you. You can meet a lot of new people and you just never know when opportunities will arise for you out of that. Ultimately, you can make a business out of your blog. Have you ever seen the website That’s a full blown business with a staff. But, it’s a blog. See how things can go?

There are so many huge blogs out there that have literally become a business. All you have to do is work at it.

So, How Do I Get Started?

The great thing about blogging is that to start out, you don’t need to create a website and you don’t need to know a thing about HTML. I believe the best free platform for blogs is Wordpress but Google’s product Blogger is also good.  However, if you have plans to monetize your blog down the road, start with Wordpress as they have a huge amount of features that you can add to it should you take it out on its own domain someday.

Next, figure out a name for the blog and then write a short description of what it’s about. Both Wordpress and Blogger offer many free themes where you can just pick out a nice design for your site. That’s pretty much all you need to do!  The software is so easy to use that the next thing you do is just write a post and publish it. You can truly create a blog and write a post in the next 15 minutes.

You can blog as much or as little as you want but if you are serious about it and want to really make an impact, more is definitely better. Take some time to learn how to really become good at it-  You can find very helpful blogging tips right here. Sign up for the information on that link. The guy is a true ProBlogger and even wrote a book about it.  You can learn some great ways to get traffic to your blog from either place.

The Internet has given us so many ways to get “out there” for free.  There is truly no reason anyone should have to feel stuck in a dead end  job. Will starting a blog help you quit your job next week? No, it won’t, but it has huge potential for you to meet the right people, possibly catch the right breaks, and even become your own business – if you take it seriously and work hard at it.

Blogging is conversational.  It doesn’t need any formal touch to make it work.  Just write what you know! What do you have to lose if you are blogging about something you love? And don’t forget, when you are doing something that can help take you to the next level in life, your not-so-great job becomes more bearable. Just do it!


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 The firm deducts a low 29% contingency fee, unlike the other firms that deduct a huge 40-45% fee, which we feel is unethical.
 Don't get hurt twice by using another firm with an enormous fee. We deduct an even lower 25% fee for all wrongful death claims & 25% fee for all minors.

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